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Winner of the 2021 LearnX Platinum Award for the Best Elearning Design, Interactive Scenario for the BHP Olympic Dam Loss of Power module

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eLearning Services


Online training is now standard for most organisations, both large and small

Audio & Scripting

We can effectively communicate an intended message to your entire workforce

HD Video & Photography

High-definition footage provides an excellent overview of any subject or location

Motion Graphics

Improve the speed and level of understanding using well thought out visuals and graphics

3D Animation

Complex procedures and tasks can often be better explained using 3D animation

2D Animation

Create a fun and engaging user experience with creative characters and illustrations

Interactions & Assessments

Well-considered interactive assessments are the cornerstone of any Cell-Media program

Training Record Management

Reduce paperwork with our proven audit-friendly Training Record Management System

eLearning Specialists In


The requirements of mining involve the use and movement of infrastructure and staff on an enormous scale. Our learning management systems and eLearning platforms can help train your employees and contractors in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Oil and Gas

The production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a vital industry for Queensland. Whether found and produced in conventional or nonconventional means, Cell-Media can provide site- or project-specific training modules that can effectively communicate HSE learning to your employees.

Ports and Airports

Airports and port facilities require subject-specific programs to help with orientation, HSSE and administrative training material. Cell-Media’s bespoke training can help provide a consistent means of providing learning to and tracking the understanding of what can be a diverse workforce.


Whether public or private, policy and procedure define the parameters for how an organisation works. Cell-Media’s multimedia programs provide a structured and consistent means of disseminating complex policy and procedure in an eye-catching and easily accessible manner.