Scripting and Audio

‘We work with you to effectively communicate the intended message to all levels of your workforce.’


The script is an essential element of any project. It determines the information contained within a program and influences its visual elements.

Cell-media provides access to a scriptwriter who can develop a working script from pre-existing materials (such as a PowerPoint presentation) or offer copy and structural editing advice on existing scripts. The scriptwriter will guide the content so it best suits the audience it is intended for.


Professional Voiceover

Once a script is finalised, Cell-media works with a variety of professional voiceover artists who turn the written text into audio narration to support all types of visual presentation formats. With a large number of voiceover artists at your disposal, you’ll be able to find the right voice for your learning package.

Please select the audio samples provided to listen to just a few of the professional voiceover artists that we have available.


Visual Scripting

After a script is completed, the words are sent to our designers for a process we call visual scripting. Using any number of different visual and audio elements, our designers then determine the best way to support each and every point you want to communicate to your audience.

Visual Scripting


Multiple Languages

Cell-media has experience with adapting existing written and audio content into a variety of other languages. Working with professional translation services, your content can be easily translated to meet most multiple language requirements.

Multiple language

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