Assessments & Interactives

‘Well-considered interactive assessments are the cornerstone of any Cell-media program.’

A key element of all inductions and training is the ability to assess a user’s understanding of the information delivered.

 Cell-media can customise the assessment process so that users are not only able to show their level of learning, but clients can document the competency of their workforce.

Cell-media engages the user with various assessment styles and activities, including the use of sound, video and interactive tasks.

The use of online assessments allows users to complete learning outside of the classroom, in their own time and at any location.

Interactive assessments also provide a reliable way of marking, with no room for human error.


Compentency-Based Training

Interactive Assessment

Display of competency is an integral part of the learning process. Cell-media can produce a range of custom-designed interactive assessment styles to allow users to display their level of competency.

From the use of traditional multiple choice questions and drag and drops to more complex task-based questions, our assessments styles are easy to use and understand.

No two users need receive the same assessment as questions can be randomly generated or selected from a larger pool. Alternate questions can also be created for those answered incorrectly, to help the user better understand training material.

If a question is answered incorrectly, the program can automatically allow the viewer to review information before re-attempting the assessment. Minimum competency scores can be set, including the use of lock-out functionality.


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Interactive Activities

Interactive pdf

The use of online interactive activities can allow users to display their understanding of complex or dangerous tasks from the safety of their computer screen.

Or maybe a fun, game-based approach is required.

Either way, Cell-media’s imaginative designers can create interactive, user-friendly styles of assessment that use the full range of sight, sound and movement to better review the capabilities of your audience.

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Interactive Booklets

Interactive pdf

Blurring the line between the printed word and electronic learning, Cell-media have the ability to turn any document into a 3D interactive booklet. Whether you have an existing document or want to present your information in an ‘easy to access’ way, interactive booklets allow a user to view content at their own pace.

Users can turn the pages of a virtual booklet by simply clicking and dragging each page, or navigate directly to the required content through the use of the contents menu.

Competency assessments can be included at the end of each section or chapter, requiring the user to display their understanding before progressing to the next section. Users can be required to sign off at the end of the booklet, saying they have read, understood and agree to the conditions within the document.

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