Playing a vital role in our day-to-day lives, utility-based organisations are often required to provide a high standard of customer service, as well as the required provisions of workforce and environmental safety.

Cell-media has produced subject-specific programs to help with staff training, site-specific induction material for new and existing commercial and industrial premises, and role-based safety materials.

Cell-media has produced customised programs for:

  • site inductions for employees, contractors and visitors
  • site-specific safety training
  • emergency response training
  • correct use of permits
  • fatigue awareness
  • office-based training, including ergonomics
  • equal employment opportunity awareness
  • disability access and inclusion plans
  • manual handling awareness
  • environmental awareness
  • behavioural management.




Western Australia’s Water Corporation supplies precious water and services to WA’s households and businesses. Employing a vast amount of personnel, the Water Corporation required a well-structured health and safety training system.

Using professional photography and high-quality motion graphics, Cell-media has created a variety of intranet-based health and safety training inductions for the Water Corporation, thereby successfully raising awareness of occupational health and safety hazards.





Seqwater ensures a safe, secure, resilient and reliable water supply for south-east Queensland, as well as providing essential flood mitigation services and water catchment management.

Seqwater promotes a safe and healthy working environment free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. Using professional photography and high-quality 2-D and 3-D motion graphics, Cell-media created for Seqwater both an online health, safety and environment (HSE) training module and a drug and alcohol awareness induction.





Controlled by the Western Australian Government, Verve Energy is responsible for electricity generation in the state's south west. Owning and operating such an extensive and diverse portfolio of power stations and renewable energy systems, Verve Energy takes its safety and environmental responsibilities seriously.

Using extensive motion graphics and high-quality, site-based photography, Cell-media has created for Verve Energy a health, safety and environment induction which allows the organisation to easily track all personnel who are required to watch the training.

The mandatory module cleverly informs individuals about their roles and responsibilities, the organisation’s vision and values, and health, safety and environmental awareness.





SA Water is a South Australian Government owned company which delivers safe, sustainable and affordable water services to more than 1.5 million South Australian customers.

Committed to its duty of care, SA Water has established a safe working environment. This is helped in part by Cell-media’s intranet-based safety training module. Providing ease of use, the training module successfully supplies a consistent massage and promotes safety awareness within the company.





Western Australian Police is responsible for policing the world’s largest single police jurisdiction, covering 2.5 million square kilometres.

Fatigue becomes a major issue within the force and requires strategic management and employee awareness.

BSS Corporate Psychology services and Cell-media worked in collaboration to create a fatigue management awareness induction.

Its mixture of audio, images and text provides a clear, consistent message which aims to improve the work-life balance of WA’s police officers.


Queensland Police works tirelessly with members of the Queensland community to preserve peace and order in all areas of the state. However, working around clock can present many health and safety issues, with fatigue being a major concern.

Teaming up with BSS Corporate Psychology Services, Cell-media provided Queensland Police with a thorough fatigue management awareness induction.

Using clean images and graphics and a to-the-point style, the fatigue management induction successfully provides clear and structured learning, raising awareness on how to improve fatigue management for Queensland’s police service.

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