Ports and Airports

Because of its location in the world, Australia is a nation that relies greatly on its maritime and aviation industries—industries that rely greatly on a high standard of customer service.

Ports and airports are businesses in which efficiency, safety and security all play vital roles. Over the last 10 years, Cell-media has produced subject-specific programs to help with staff logistical training, as well as customised site-specific induction material, for a variety of ports and airports.

Cell-media has experience with creating customer-specific programs to deal with:

  • security training (including the use of ASICs and MSICs)
  • zoning and site access
  • environmental awareness
  • customs training
  • quarantine training
  • safety and emergency training
  • anchor handling
  • airside driver training
  • oil spill response training
  • safety awareness, including crane and mooring safety.

Port Hedland Port Authority

Port Hedland Port Authority is the one of the largest bulk export ports in in the world, handling products from iron ore, manganese, salt, livestock, petroleum, bulk liquid chemicals and general cargo. Cell-media has had a long association with the Port Hedland Port Authority, dating back to 2006.

Cell-media has developed six induction online modules for the Port Hedland Port Authority; these include the Occupational Health and Safety, Port Security, Port Environment, Small Vessel and Isolations and Tagging with the induction results being recorded in the TRMS.


Port Otago logo

Port Otago is located on the lower east coast of the South Island of New Zealand and is the primary port for exports for that region.

Cell-media developed the interactive staff induction handbook for the port allowing users to browse through all the pages of the handbook with an interactive sign off form at the end of the book.


North Queensland Bulk Ports

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation was formed in 2009, overseeing the port facilities at Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point and Weipa in Northern Queensland. In 2012 Cell-media was contracted to develop their online induction.

Six different induction modules were developed for six different user types. These included a corporate employee’s induction, an office visitor module, a port access module, two different contractor modules and a port site induction.


Fremantle Ports

Fremantle Port is Western Australia’s biggest general cargo port and Australia’s fourth largest container port. Cell-media was contracted by the Fremantle Port Authority to develop online and offline induction modules for the port.

These inductions included an operational module for workers who needed to conduct work onsite, an administrative module for administration employees and a port user module for anyone who needed access to the port areas and site-specific modules for the Kwinana Bulk Terminal and Jetty and the inner harbour in Fremantle.


Perth Airport Logo

Perth Airport is the fourth largest airport in Australia for passenger traffic and has won the Australian Airports Association (AAA) award in 2003 and 2004 for the Australian Major Airport of the year.

Cell-media has developed their airside driving training package containing five different categories, each for the different types of airside drivers used by the airport. Some sections contained an interactive drag and drop assessment where users have to match taxiway and runways locations on the Perth Airport map.


Dnata Airport Services Logo

Dnata is one of the largest air service providers in the world providing services in ground handling, in-flight catering, cargo and transports services across 5 continents. In 2008 Dnata contracted Cell-media to develop the airside driver package for their Dubai airport operations.

The induction package contained several interactive drag and drop assessments that include matching locations on the airport map, matching the correct words with their abbreviations, and interactive PPE assessment where users dress a figure with the compulsory pieces of PPE by dragging it to their correct location.

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