Oil & Gas

Petroleum and liquid natural gas represent a rapidly expanding sector of Australia’s minerals and resources industry. However, effectively communicating the complex and detailed HSE requirements for onshore and offshore work can present challenges.

Using text, video, images and 3-D, Cell-media produces customised, detailed, yet easy to understand training modules that can efficiently and effectively communicate HSE learning to your employees.

This provides you with the ability to train many hundreds of workers in a short period of time.

Cell-media can provide your oil or gas company with customised programs regarding:

  • facility-specific onshore and offshore oil and gas inductions
  • fatigue awareness
  • site access inductions
  • role-based training
  • adherence to safety cases and safety management systems
  • training of security and quarantine procedures
  • incident response training
  • training of isolation and tagging procedures
  • training of risk management policy
  • anchor handling
  • environmental awareness, including oil spill response.

Apache Energy

With a solid foundation of experience in the oil and gas industry, Quadrant Energy has built a culture which empowers every employee to make decisions and achieve the company’s goals in a way that always acknowledges the importance of safety.

Cell-media and Quadrant Energy have established a long-standing working relationship, during which we have produced approximately 30 separate learning packages across a vast range of topics for the oil and gas company.

Among our most recent learning packages for Quadrant includes the safety induction for working aboard the company’s new floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, the Armada Claire.

This required Cell-media to travel to Singapore to develop an interactive learning package that allows Quadrant to induct its personnel before boarding the new vessel.


Apache Energy

The Prelude drilling campaign will include Shell’s first deployment of its Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) technology. The use of FLNG technology allows for the production, liquefaction, storage and transfer of LNG at sea, as well as the ability to process and export liquefied petroleum gas and condensate.

For the campaign, Cell-media produced a suite of 12 health, safety and environment induction modules. The package greatly simplified Shell’s induction process, ensuring personnel had a greater awareness of their responsibilities once they arrived at site.



INPEX is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company currently involved in multiple projects across 29 countries. Part of the Australian business community since 1986, INPEX Australia is involved in a number of projects in Australia and the Timor Sea.

Looking to recruit an online training company with a proven history in the oil and gas business, Cell-media has produced for INPEX a range of health, safety and environment (HSE), and human resource learning packages.

This includes the creation of a creative HSE awareness package that includes the use of imaginative animated characters to help better explain the complexities of health and safety in a fun and innovative way.


Teekay Corporation

Established in 1973, Teekay has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies.

Teekay contracted Cell-media to produce its health, safety and environment training for its floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, the Dampier Spirit.

Using a combination of on-site photography, graphics and audio, Cell-media has created for Teekay an online learning package that helps deliver an engaging, consistent message that inducts personnel to work aboard the vessel.

The learning package has been an effective learning tool for Teekay for several years, primarily because of the ease with which Cell-media packages can be adapted to meet changing needs.


Tidewater Marine

Tidewater Marine is the leading provider of larger offshore service vessels to the global energy industry. With its new fleet of vessels working across the globe, Tidewater required from Cell-media a learning style that provided flexibility and encompassed the diverse working environments in which the company operates.

An international production, Cell-media developed for Tidewater a series of training videos for use across multiple worksites, both on shore in a variety of nations and aboard Tidewater vessels. The packages were provided as compact discs and DVDs, allowing Tidewater staff to complete training even when internet access is unavailable.

Requiring the need to present the content in a range of South-East Asian languages, Tidewater recruited Cell-media to produce multiple versions of the training in a variety of language types.

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