Whether it is iron ore, precious minerals, bauxite, coal or nickel, Cell-media can produce area-specific online and facilitator-led multimedia for HSE, corporate or HR purposes.

Mining requires dealing with infrastructure and staff on an enormous scale. Our online training and assessment functionality can help you train and educate your employees, contractors...

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Oil & Gas

Petroleum and liquid natural gas represent a rapidly expanding sector of Australia’s minerals and resources industry. However, effectively communicating the complex and detailed HSE requirements for onshore and offshore work can present challenges.

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Ports and Airports

Because of its location in the world, Australia is a nation that relies greatly on its maritime and aviation industries. Additionally, they are industries that rely greatly on the provision of a high standard of customer service.

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Commercial and industrial construction plays a large role in Australia’s economic activity, including the employment of a significant percentage of the nation’s workforce.

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Playing a vital role in our day-to-day lives, utility-based organisations are often required to provide a high standard of customer service, as well as the required provisions of workforce and environmental safety.

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Corporate and Institutions

Corporate and institutional policy and procedure defines the working parameters within which an organisation works. Cell-media’s multimedia programs are perfectly suited for use to explain complex policy and procedure...

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