About Us

Our aim is to create innovative multimedia programs that best communicate our client's requirements.

Cell-media designs programs that are dynamic, visual, purposeful and inspire action.

What We Offer

We offer programs that are of a high quality and are creative, reliable, accessible and affordable.

Our products are fully tailored to your business’s requirements.

Our Values

We seek to be:

  • creative
  • professional
  • innovative
  • collaborative
  • an industry leader in our field.
Our Intention

Our Intention

Cell-media, the site-specific induction expert, specialises in producing tailored industrial and corporate online training and learning programs that effectively communicate a client’s intended message to its audience.

Working with you, we can develop customised interactive learning programs that meet your needs. This includes the ability to efficiently gather, manage and report on training and safety data, and the capability for you to easily update content to meet your changing needs.


This provides you with the ability to train large numbers of employees, contractors and visitors for established and greenfield sites with ease and speed.

Using current and emerging technologies, Cell-media helps companies engage their audience. And with better training, your learners will retain more knowledge. This will reduce your costs and help with health, safety, environment and quality compliance.

Our Vision

Cell-media is committed to being a leader in its field by providing engaging, innovative and cost-effective programs for our clients’ workforces.

With the use of traditional and innovative multimedia techniques, combined with emerging digital and web-based technologies, Cell-media works in partnership with our clients to ensure all materials are purpose designed to suit what is required.

Additionally, we are committed to providing purpose-designed training record management systems and web-based hosting solutions.

This improves our customers’ ability to efficiently gather, manage and report on training and safety data, during training and induction processes.

Our Talent Base

With over 10 years of experience, we have produced hundreds of programs and serviced clients in a broad range of industries.

Cell-media draws on the combined knowledge and technical expertise of its staff to produce programs of the highest quality.

Our skills in multimedia development include:

Our Talent Base

Our Clients